Marcatects is a leading architectural design firm based in San Diego. Our mission is to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces for our clients throughout Southern California and beyond. Our spaces can change how people think and feel by creating environments that are not only aesthetically stunning, but strategic, functional and timeless. Founded in 1989 by Joseph Marca, Marcatects serves hundreds of clients. We believe design has the power to transform lives, communities and culture. We strive to make the places people work and play more inspiring, innovative and impactful—ultimately enhancing the human experience... Clients come first in everything we do. Focusing on our client’s needs, expectations and goals is the foundation of every stage of the design cycle—from initial strategy and design through implementation and management. Whatever the size, whatever the vision—we’re set up to deliver.


Better Architectural Design with BIM BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process we use for creating and managing all of the information at every stage of a project. Marcatects has been on the cutting edge in the utilization of BIM since its inception. Trained in the fundamentals of architectural design and practices, we saw many years ago how this industry would be changed by this emerging technology. We decided to be a leader in not just CAD, but 3D building modeling and have provided this technology to our clients since 2002.


BIM makes a real and quantifiable difference compared CAD-centric construction document production. Today’s fast-moving industry requires critical time responsive delivery.  The BIM workflow allows us to address design issues early in the design process.  As the design process progresses into construction, changes become more and more costly, time consuming and difficult.  Since the BIM process allows us to address these issues early on, it saves time and money compared to projects developed in a CAD-centric workflow.


As a building is being modeled in we can predict and correct problems before they require money and time to correct onsite. Building a model means we approach a building holistically. Meaning we take the building rather than an individual section or floor plans. This makes the construction process smoother and cheaper by reducing Requests For Information (RFI’s) and the dreaded “change orders.”


With BIM we can predict the cost of a project before it begins. On a recent project at the design & development stage, the estimated cost was within 3% of the actual cost when the project was later bid and built. Between BIM’s detailed accuracy and our experienced team, we help keep you as close as possible to your budget.


BIM helps multiple teams work seamlessly and simultaneously on your project. Marcatects can be working on one part of the project while structural engineers are working on structural components, and MEP engineers are working on their systems. You receive real time updates on how your building looks and functions. This increases productivity and completes your project quicker and more efficiently. For contractors, this greatly optimizes and improves coordination between design disciplines.


With BIM, you can preview and experience the design before it is built. By visualizing the design cycle in 3D, you can see everything from how the building will look onsite and all of the interior details, to predicting how occupants and visitors will interact with the building. It can help save you money on your project by better planning and improves the design process, so you get exactly what you want.


Want to see what’s behind that wall? Need to see how ducting or wiring will be installed? BIM lets you cut the building in half and show as much detail as needed to see the potential conflicts and efficiencies before construction begins.